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Climategate:  A quick synopsis of the events.  On Nov. 17th, 2009 an anonymous hacker posted stolen e-mails and source documents on the internet.  These e-mails were stolen from the University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit headed by Professor Phil Jones.

The e-mails have been confirmed by Dr. Jones to be authentic.

The e-mails appear to suggest that Jones and other leading climatologists are:

  1. Deleting data and e-mails so that they cannot be found out with via a Freedom of Information request.
  2. Discrediting climate change skeptics.
  3. Colluding in a public relations attempt to “sell” the climate-change argument to the public.
  4. Keeping scientists who have contrary views out of peer-review literature.
  5. Manipulating the evidence to show an increase in global temperatures in recent years even though the data shows a decline.

I have seen some of the e-mails and documents and anyone who is the least bit computer savvy can find them.

There are other facts relating to climategate which to me are more important than the alleged behavior of these climatologists.

  1. Why was this story buried in the London Free Press and hardly commented on at all other than to dismiss it?
  2. Why was it only given scant coverage in the Globe and Mail (mainly in an article by Michael Coren)?
  3. Why was it not front page news?
  4. Why, when I go to Youtube, do I find that the predominant newscasters covering this story are Fox News and the usual conservative talk show hosts and not the major networks or newspapers?

You can rest assured that if these climatologists had been climate change skeptics this would have been front page news.

The fact is that we already knew that climate-change/ global warming was a lie.  So this little gaff by the climate-change prophets of doom is really not all that important except to reveal the biases of the main stream leftist press.

This will blow over shortly and we can all go back to finding more ways to reduce our carbon footprint and send the world back to the Stone Age.  I for one will pledge to reduce my carbon footprint by exhaling only after every second breath.

Who benefits by telling us that the climate-change is real?…only the left, the socialists, the statists, the anti-capitalists.  The same people who desire power over everybody else.

(Originally broadcast on Just Right, Show #131, December 3, 2009.  To download the show visit

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